Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking a stock of your life

Second day of this year was the day a very close friend tied the knot. This wedding was nostalgic for several reasons. For starters my kids were the flower girls for the occasion and event was happening at the same venue where I had my wedding several years ago. The DJ who played at the event was a classmate of mine and the photographer was another kid (meaning several years junior to us) from the same school! It brought together several of our friends and made me review progress we've made almost after a decade of leaving school.

As it is the case with all the people, we too had various types of characters at school. The studious types, not so studious types, the never studious types, extra curricular types etc. Well almost all who came for the wedding seems to have settled down in one way or the other in terms of careers with varying degrees of success. There were several academically brilliant lots who continue to do well in their chosen fields such as banking, academics etc. Then of course the there are few who were academically very good but who seems to have achieved average in their professional careers / ventures for the last dozen of years! Then there are others who were average, were in to many of the extra curricular activities be it sports or otherwise and who seems to do well in their chosen fields be it business or professions!

One thing is for sure, while schooling definitely molds a person's character and then paves the necessary foundation, it is up to the individual beyond that to write his own script of success!