Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stamp your own team identity in an Eco System

When you are part of a large oraganization one tends to climatise accordingly. While agreeing that you need to adapt to the culture, it is not the case all the time.

Today we celebrated the b'day of one of our team members, and true to the style we made a big buzz about it. We had to take little bit of our precious office time to blow the baloons, decorate etc. Another one of our colleagues in the same premises only few desks away (not part of our team) also celebrated her b'day. However there was no such do's around that table. While there were no comments made yet, it reminded me about a previous experience.

For Christmas my team wanted to decorate the place where we are seated so I gave the go ahead for decorations. After all it was the spirit of season they wanted to celebrate! However there was an obvious mismatch once our area ONLY was decorated. there were certain comments about us being fairly selfish, self celebratory etc. While I was little uncomfortable at the outset I just realised this is our team culture and it is this that keeps us going as unit. While we are part and parcel of the larger company culture such activities should not be discouraged as it straighten our own unit.

Well for my own b'day there was lot of noise made by my team to the extent even I felt very embarrassed. Subsequently I realised that I'm blessed to have a bunch of "energetic" people to lead.

So I think while such activities my shake up the eco system a bit, still it's good stamp your own class since you have the opportunity of both setting trends and doing whats best to keep your team going.

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