Monday, December 31, 2007

Medicare - Make or Break

Early December my children fell sick both had to be admitted to the hospital. One was hospitalised for 05 days while the other was hospitalised for three days. Add to it my wife was there for two days.

Coming out of hospital I was wondering how on earth an average Sri Lankan afford decent health care, given the humongous amount of of money required to stay in hospital!

In many ways people in this country are use to free health care. However now adays more and more government hospitals are running out of capacity and the existing ones continue to function inefficiently.

When my child was admitted to the ICU there was another crowd who brought in an elderly patient who was pronounced dead after several minutes. I was really saddened to hear the last few hours of that patients life. She was first admitted to one of the primary government hospitals. However due to a strike by the minor staff no body had attended to the patient for well over 03 hours. The family decided to move the patient out and bring her to a private hospital with the greatest financial difficulty. In no vein!

I think many of the generations Y people should seriously start thinking about medicare. That will be one of the greatest assets we could have just like owning a home!

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