Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is always about choices

Life's choices are certainly not the easiest. Wish they were more straight forward. But then again they'll never be.

Situation becomes even more complicated when the entire world perspective becomes the complete opposite of yours. Ultimately one needs to back your instincts because ultimately you own your decisions. It's much harder when some of those you respect most on continuous basis tend to logically see why you should not make that decision.

There are always options. You are a fool not to consider them. But what if the options are plenty. Do you wait for the ideal? After going through life for a meaningful time, I've come to realize that there are times you need to make a call, with given information at hand. At times you might have all odds stacked against your belief. But if you see things differently with facts (obviously based on certain assumptions that the others do not agree) and something inside you strongly tells that you need to just go ahead and do it. If it is successful its great. If you fail at  least the decision is yours and you are more prepared to face the consequences.

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