Saturday, September 1, 2007

Avoiding new boss syndrome

When you take over a new function there is a tendency among your team mates clarify everything from you. While it gives you an opportunity to understand your scope of job better, it essentially is a time killer.

One needs to quickly sum up the capacities and capabilities of your team members and start delegating most of these tasks other than real things which require your intervention / attention. This is a tricky one. Most of the time you would find they are not up to your ideal standard. (They don't do exactly what you want!). Thus you might get in to micro management. One needs to avoid this at all cost.

Once you assess the capability of different individuals, you need to start working with them to help them achieve what you want them to achieve. You need to give confidence to those people that completely believe in them to deliver! That is a powerful way of motivating staff. Only thing is you cannot just pay lip service to it. You really need to subscribe to it. Whole heartedly.

It's important to understand that people will make mistakes or do things which are not up to your standard. You need to convince them that they are on the correct track and more importantly appreciate their efforts. Then and only then you should talk about improvements and again you need to give candid feedback.

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