Saturday, August 25, 2007

Growing up in the corporate structure


Recently I was asked to take up another challenge back at my work place. To take over the marketing operations for the second largest super market chain in the country. Well, there were no back and forth thought processes, just took it up. Also in the process I kept my current responsibilities as well.

How do people grow up in the corporate structure? While there could be numerous ways including unethical types let me focus on the method which I've realised over my little career spanning over 07 years.

Fundamentally at the core, one needs to take more responsibilities. I'm a great believer that just because you are an expert in what you do does not mean you should be promoted to the next level. While there is no question that you need to know your "onions" and know them well, one needs to be able to show the 'capacity' to take more responsibility and take them well.

Capacity is a concept that has been misinterpreted by many. None of us, I repeat none of us are born with great capacities. It is a process you go through to expand capacities. Just like any change the process of expanding capacities is a painful one. When you stretch beyond your comfort zones you would start feeling the pain. This is where most people faulter! They put an end to that process of expanding capacities to avoid temporary pain! This is the short sighted approach. Those who realize the total picture moves ahead with it, bearing the temporary pain.

In most companies great bosses, whom I would call coaches does this quite brilliantly. They push you to limits beyond your perceived capacities. Yes, by doing that the companies too benefit no doubt. But more importantly you learn endurance! When you show great endurance then people know you are ready take up bigger challenges.

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