Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doing more than what you've paid for

Yesterday I was travelling with one of my suppliers who re-confirmed the aspect of "doing more than what you've been paid for" which was coined by Napoleon Hill the famous author of Think and Grow Rich among many other books.

Many people do not realize this. But it is a sure fire way to get rich, progress in career, win business etc.

In many ways we as employees or entrepreneurs are blinded by the short term orientation syndrome. Our span of thinking is very very short term. Mostly we are there to make a quick buck! This is what Steven Covey calls short term withdrawals from your emotional bank accounts!

Most employees loose enthusiasm thinking they are paid less (there are many occasions even I've thought the same!), many entrepreneurs confine to deliveries that has only been agreed upon thinking that they loose by going the extra mile. Financially, yes they do loose in the long term. But what is more important is their ability win BIG in the longer term.

Let me illustrate;

Take a guy who works for a company with his heart and sole who might feel that he is underpaid at the next annual increment. But the fact is, if he is actually doing things beyond his prescribe scope which adds value to the organization, it will be a matter of time before he gets rewarded.

The same is true for many small time business owners. When they approached clients, they tend to be very careful in their deliveries. They are very fussy about accommodating expanding interests of the clients. Because they see how margins might erode by doing the extra thing or two. I know it's tough when you are an entrepreneur! But as they say you might have to bite the bullet and do it! Clients will offer you more business, make good referrals and above all a happy bunch of customers which is your biggest asset.

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