Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's time to walk the talk in the new year

With the heralding of the new year there are two challenges before me which requires actioning every bit that I have talked about in these forums.

First is to regain my health situation. Need to bring down my cholesterol levels further and reduce 10 Kg in the process. Challenge is greater as it is expected be done without any 'exercise' and only with diet control. Given the strict diet control and my daily work life that is one tough ask.

Second challenge before me is to act upon the feedback I received and get my new career in swing. Again in order to achieve the annual objectives for June this year, I will have to complete the basics by mid February again.

All in all it's time to walk the talk. Let's see the progress.

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PMP with Dr Madhu Fernando said...

just like you, I also like start of a new year. New years always bring new hopes. And we start it with lots of positive energy. Challenge is to keep it at the same level throughout the year.

I also plan to be more active in my business. Personal goal is to cut down on calories and lose few kilos. 6 to 7 kilos :) And will be vegetarian and will not taking any alcoholic drinks this year. Need to be healthy, strong and should have a clear mind at all times.

I am so positive about it all and planning to make the best of 2011.

when we start the new year with all there new year resolutions'..still we should remember one thing. We should never allow small 'not so positive' event break all the positive energy we build up over the weeks, and months. Let's stay strong and achieve our goals for the new year.

Have a great 2011 !!!