Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be careful with what you dream

Dream is a powerful tool at the disposal of any individual. Many are familiar with the definitions of day dreamers and traditional dreams at nights.

On many a occasion night dreams are negative and frightening for most. While I am no psychiatric to decode this phenomena, my guess is that it represent a scenario of a vivid representation of an individuals deep thoughts, hidden in mind.

It's a proven fact that human mind cannot distinguish between what's real and whats imagination. Physically we react to vivid imagination the same way we react to reality.

While one may think this us dangerous and unrealistic, you can in fact use to your greater advantage as well.

Why not use vivid imagination to dream and experience about success you want to achieve in life. If done right with persistence the human body will start reacting to your thought process and you will start making progress in that front.

Try dreaming for a different purpose hereafter. But make sure you allow you body to react to the feeling as well. Last you want is your subconscious mind telling you that's not going to work!

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