Thursday, March 21, 2013

Everyone needs to have a "Ricky"

Recently I was on a personal development program where I was part of a group which had a volunteer coach. His name was Ricky.

While I always appreciated the true value of a coach, initially I was skeptical about the value my coach might be able to impart on me other than smoothly coordinating assigned group work.

In many ways Ricky was unassuming and one of the most down to earth people I have come across. He was a soft spoken and relatively quiet.

On the second day during one of the field activities, he walked up to me, took me to a side and gave one of the most valuable insights I have ever received. In essence, he told me that I was very vocal, cheering my my team mates, but never present at that moment!

I was stunned, though I wasn't surprised with the feedback. I myself knew that I was "acting". My shock was due to this person's ability to pick that up when all the others thought I was an ace team man who was very involved.

That was a powerful message that hit hard on me. I was consciously 'present' thereafter throughout the program.

Subsequently there were several other chats we had which allowed me to realize few other ground realities in life!

Many misunderstand the role of a coach. A coach is not necessarily someone who is better than you technically, neither is s(he) a person who should have experienced life more than you. that's what is expected out of the role of a mentor.

A coach is someone who will consciously observe you and tell you when you are moving off course. He will ask you the hardest questions. Help you discover the answers yourself. All tennis players including Roger Federer and  Rafael Nada who are the best out there have a coach who goes on tour with them. Not that these coaches are anywhere close to the skills and talent of these top players. But they know there success depends on their coach who is able to give candid, valuable and thought provoking feedback.

So go find your own "Ricky". Because "Ricky" rocks!!!!!

This is a personal tribute to Dr. Ricky Chua, who was my coach for several days during a life transforming program. Thank you Dr. !

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